The Revolution Starts Here.

Jews have been persecuted since the beginning. The holocaust showed how truly they had been oppressed and the Jews voiced their opinions and have made it so that none of us forget the atrocities that happened to them. And rightly so, we must not forget what happened to them, despite them being from a different faith to me, they are still Ahlul Kittab (people of the book) and on a bigger scale, fellow human beings. They made us remember by uniting, uniting all Jews whether it help each other in business or. However they can.

I noticed recently (maybe a little too late) how many Jews occupy high positions within society, whether it be films and TV (Zach Braff, Jake Gyllenhaal, Shia LaBeouf), business and polics (Alan Sugar) or sports (Yossi Benayoun), but we note one thing they are in the public eye influencing people very indirectly.

And so I wonder where are the Muslims?  Islam is an ever growing religion, there are 1.5 million Muslims in Britain alone, and how can we not spin Islam in a positive light. Islam for those who doesn’t know, literally means peace and we greet each other by saying Salam which is derived from the word Islam. We do not say hello or hi, but peace. We are not a religion of war and anger and quite the opposite.

But the question is how do we do so, as a student, I do not have the influence to lobby political organizations or anything like that. I do not have the wealth to start my own business and help other Muslims who don’t have a job. So I begin to wonder what can I do, however small to help Muslims and Islam gain respect within society. And the answer is simple: Media.

Media plays a prominent role within society today, especially within the west. Although politicians have physical and direct power, newspapers televisions have indirect power. Personally I thought until recently Robert Murdoch had more power than maybe anyone in the world. Murdoch owned the big newspapers own the major TV channels network in the UK and US (and others I may not know about) and these countries have a lot of power and weight when it comes to world politics. For example why did no one question the use Guantanamo Bay until Obama came along, why, only recently, has Bush’s use of waterboarding come into light. They found no WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) in Iraq why isn’t Blair and bush being trialed at The Hague. Why have the charges for Jacques Chirac for illegal party funding charges being dropped? Simply because they have the power not to: they have weight and influence in the media.

I, personally, have tested this out on a small scale. This GeniusITM site is incredibly small, doesn’t have its own domain, and let’s be honest, no constructive content except to make you laugh occasionally. It has been up and running for almost a year yet averages almost 100 hits a day. That’s an insane amount and people from all over the world looking up my site and saving it as a bookmark. Therefore I get 700 people a week reading this post and getting them just to ponder on my words.

I have started the revolution with 650 words. What are you going to do?

Now you could read this and leave, thinking you couldn’t write or don’t have the time, I can’t either. But u can do one thing, for me. Divert someone to this site, anyone can be one person, if every person does one person that’s 1000 people reading this post. 1000 people I have made to think. You have helped the revolution.

Good Luck and Good day


2 thoughts on “The Revolution Starts Here.

  1. I appreciate the post, just wanted to correct one mistake arabic etymology being my thing. Islam does not mean peace-that is a common over simplification. Islam means submission to God. While it has the same root as Salaam, they are not the same word. Even the root, s-l-m, does not mean peace but a whole, completeness etc. Submission to God, I.e. divine will is a beautiful thing though that should be a conversation starter. According to the tawhidic paradigm, we are put on earth as khalifa (vicegerents) meant to build imran (a moral civilization). Peace is part of that, love is part of that, human rights as well as minority rights are part of that, environmental protection is part of that etc. I could go on forever. The actual meaning of the word as I explained above, albeit briefly, is much more powerful than peace. The richness of the Arabic language is amazing 🙂

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