Structure in Life.

The Believers, men and women, are protectors one of another: they enjoin what is just, and forbid what is evil (9:71)


As humans, we need structure. We need structure to our lives because with it, we cannot function. From a young age we are taught you sleep when its dark, we eat at certain hours, we are taught what is right and wrong. You see, many of the children who have no structure are often in trouble not just at school, but sometimes with the police and then may get sent to a youth detention center and then they tries to put structure into their lives.

But what happens when you get older, there is only so much parents can teach their children, and at one point, the parents knowledge runs out, but we still need structure. Yes, we understand that our body needs to sleep, we need to eat, but that’s it. That’s very animalistic of ourselves, because that is exactly what animals do: eat, sleep, reproduce.

So what should we do, in order to advance ourselves further, and have a point to this life. For me this answer is simple: Religion.

Religion has existed from the beginning of time, the Bible states that the first thing that was created was Adam, who was the first man on earth, and who created this man: God. And over time, people have still maintained religion for example, the Romans ruled for over 1000 years, and religion was at the heart of it. The same with the Isralites, Judaism was at the heart of it, and that is perhaps why the empires lasted so long. Some have said, today if you look at America, it is the superpower of the world (maybe not now, China is developing) but it hasn’t lasted that long, maybe 80 years (since the League of Nations) and this can be down to the lack of practicing religion.

You see religion provides the ultimate structure. It tells you what is right, what is wrong. It promotes the goodness in everyone. It tells you to be patient through hard times and the list goes on. You see religion is about God, and not just that its just about being a good person.


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