Pope Benedict Resigns

I asked a very good friend of mine, who is a practicing Catholic Christian, what her view was on the Pope resigning. I did wonder, because the Media was so very biased only pointing out the scandals that had occurred while he was Pope. This was her answer:

Well, I think Pope Benedict just really needs to retire already. in his official statement, he said he is not anymore mentally and physically fit to perform all the duties of a Pope. I’m sure that in his age and when we consider all the responsibilities he had (and i think the Papacy is the most difficult vocation in the world), his resignation is completely understandable.

He was also not the first Pope to do so, so it shouldn’t be this hyped up. Moreover, I think his resignation is a very admirable act of humility. he is actually one of the brightest minds in the Church now (his books are gems that even protestants are mesmerized with) and his saying that he is no longer mentally fit for the role of Pope is certainly very humble of him. Plus I’m sure he prayed about it a lot and that God guided him in his decision.

And the Church will go on and Pope Benedict will hand over the Papacy to whomever God wills.  I trust that this is all for the better.

– KM


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