So how do I describe this Blog? I think its safe to say the word is Random. It doesn’t really have a particular point, or aim to spread a particular message, really if you know who is writing this post (and posting the rest of the posts) is me. Safe to say I am random. And proud of it. Why not be proud of it. I am a combination of cultures, living in a multicultural society, who enjoys various hobbies, speaking to different people, but yet slightly Introverted. Random.

So keep on reading, watching out for new posts, The Blog is Me, I am the Blog.

Wait that’s not right, I thought that would be a nice finish, but I am not the Blog, I am a Human Being. Wait no, scratch that, I am Random. This could go on forever, basically, welcome the Musings of One Potential Genius (or that’s what I like to call myself).


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