Ramadhan is Coming

I began to smell the fragrance of Ramadhan. I guess it hit me when I was listening to the Rajab Dua by Ali Najaf.

Ramadhan is very different to Muharram, its more about getting closer to God, and appreciated what God has done for us. Giving up our basic necessities (food) for him. But he gives us 10 times over. Sleep becomes Ibada in Ramadhan, how Epic is that.

Yes, living in the West, Fasting is difficult, but its the ultimate sacrifice in my opinion, able to go those long hours without food, only for the sake of the Lord. But we (and I speak to myself first), its not just about abstaining from food and water, but its also about controlling your nafs, anger, gossiping etc, whatever ticks you off, you have to become a better person at the end of it. Otherwise, what is the point, fasting yet gaining nothing.

Ramadhan is coming.


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