When we go on holiday, a lot of tend to go to the same place, year after year, or time after time (depending on how often you go on holiday). This is in our nature, go where we are comfortable  we know the area, the food is good, we can eat everything there, shopping is good, there are beaches there. But this means, that we are narrowing our vision, not going where man doesn’t tend to go.

I give you an example, Muslims are inclined towared Dubai, UAE, because of the aforementioned things, halal food, abaya shopping, ladies beaches etc. Its comfortable  I get it. But in order to become a better person I find, we need to do things that challenges us as a person. So, go to other countries, other cities, go where man hasn’t built a rich mans playground, go to places where Muslims once ruled. See Castles, Churches, Mosques, ones which ones full and thriving but now rely on tourists because greed overcame them. We need to see other parts of the world.

This comes at a price through, seeing mountains and deserted beaches, food. Its difficult to find things you can eat, and are satisfied, that you know that the meat halal or the seafood food hasn’t got any unhalal fishes. But lets be honest, meat in itself, is supposed to be a luxury, your not supposed to consume it everyday. Vegetables and fruit, is good for you.

So really there is nothing stopping you, why follow the status quo, when you can challenge it.

Be Bold. Go explore the World.



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