Thor: The Dark World Review

I had quite the good fortune to go and see Thor: The Dark World yesterday, at my local theatre. What was so Epic about this particular screening was, that I was seeing it at midnight the day of the release, I have never done this before. This maybe because I am not a Marvel Die Hard fan (I’m really not, I didn’t really enjoy Captain America), but I think I just never got the opportunity to do something as awesome as this. And also, it was a Thor Marathon, so we watched Thor ‘1’ at 10pm and then Thor ‘2’ at 12. I was falling asleep in Thor 1, I didn’t plan ahead, I didn’t sleep before I went to the cinema, it was just poor planning on my behalf. However, it got to Thor 2, and suddenly, my brain started to work, my eyes opened, I was still shattered, but I was ready to see Thor and Loki in 3D.

I personally thought that 2 was better than 1, this may have been because I have seen 1 before, and seen it a few times, therefore you knew what was coming, you knew where the funny moments were. It was a good introduction to the Thor storyline, but 2 was so much better. Got to love Dr Erik Selvig, it was interesting how they portrayed him considering he had the knowledge and powers of a God inside of him (in the Avengers). I don’t want to say much more in case I spoil it for anyone (the one person reading this post…Hello by the way).

The graphics/animations (whatever you like to call them) were super, and how they show the different realms (spoiler – they show different realms). They showed more of Azerguard, which looks like a place I would rather like to live, and it was set in London, which is almost my hometown by 50 minutes.

Personally, I disagreed how they showed the baddie in the film, but that’s probably because Tolkein shows them differently, and Tolkein is just awesome.

So I hope I haven’t given away any spoilers, or the plot line, or anything remotely suggestive on what happens in Thor. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed my ramblings on Thor: The Dark World.


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