Lego Pet Shop (10218) Review Part 1

So it came. The Pet Shop, after only waiting 3 days, which I thought was pretty good. The Box was Huge. Huge I tell you, Huge. Imgur readers, I wish I had a banana, then you could see it to scale.


It says 16+, I know, I am post 16, but let us not dwell on how the minimum age to get married, is also the minimum age to purchase this Lego set. So you can see in the picture how it is a Pet Shop and a Townhouse. I am not going to explain what you can see in the picture, or maybe I am, I haven’t written the rest yet. (I apologise in advance for the quality of the pictures, some have flash, some don’t. They aren’t the best in the world, but nevertheless, they do the job).

I do like how it is ‘two’ things. I am going to justify it to myself and say it s more for your money.

In most of the ‘bigger’ Lego, bigger meaning more pieces not bigger meaning adult-y, you get bags of Lego, so in this case there were 4 sets, but there was more than one ‘1’ bag for example.


Bags 1:



The beginnings of the front pavement

I see walls


Back. That door, I don’t know if you can see, but its slanted.

Ceiling of Basement/floor of ground floor

So this is one of my favourite parts of the build. Can you guess, with the pieces below?

It built a Loo. How Epic is that! I was really impressed.



The ground floor

The hat rack

The flower and the flower pot

Almost finished bag 1

Finished Front. The white windows were awesome, although a bugger to build, I kept placing the tiles wrong

Finished back. I don’t know if you have noticed, but all doors have doorknobs, they never used to. I like it.

Finished Ground Floor. Again the curved staircase was a bugger to build, but it looks epic.

This was cool, check out the design on the staircase.

I’m doing this in parts, just because it makes my life easier, and I don’t get lost in the amount of pictures I am uploading.

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