I saw a little girl playing in the sand so I sat next to her and drew abstract, incoherent drawings. She looked at what I did and said ‘What is that?’ So I said it was my masterpiece, it was everything I had trained to draw. She looked up confused and said ‘Who are you?’

I said I was a painter. So she looked at the drawings again and said ‘that doesn’t look like a picture’

I told her for years I had tried and failed to be able to draw but then I realise I would just change the object. Now I paint myself, my life and use experiences as paint. My easel are my senses which allow me to channel and express colour, light, depth.

Who am I you ask? I am Da Vinci, El Salvador, Plato, My English Teacher, My siblings, an old school friend, the dean at my university. I am the people that have shaped me and the people I met on the street. I am a painter. I am all, I am none. I am me.


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