Photo Journal

I would like to think of myself as a budding photographer. Emphasis on the budding. All pictures are taken with my Canon IXUS 105, no I dont have an SLR, however, I do accept donations mainly in the form of SLR Cameras. (Btw once I recieve the donation of a camera, I will then accept donations of a lifetime subscription to Photoshop).

A friend of mine, who is a professional photographer, told me that a professional photographer only takes a few pictures, for example they went on holiday for a month and took 1000 pictures. I remember that same weekend she told me this, I went travelling for 3 days and I took 1000 pictures. So its clear I’m a total Amateur.

The following pictures are as professional as I think they are. So lets be honest they may not be very good at all, but personally I think they are amazing. And I should get a prize for being so amazing. I think the prize should be an SLR Camera.

Pictures found here: Budding Photographer


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