I am a Child…

I am a child. And I’m ok with it.

Let me explain, I have always been a big fan of jigsaws, last year in my final year of university I got a Hobbit Jigsaw, it was the best Jigsaw ever.


And so once I had secured employment (someone paying me money…everymonth!!!) I decided to invest in things which I had always wanted as a child (I use the word Invest loosely), so I bought Lego.

Yes. Lego.

So after maybe a little too much research and narrowing it down to a few products I decided to buy the pet shop. Let me tell you a little more about the Pet Shop, you may not care, but again, I’m ok with it. The Pet Shop is part of the Modular series, Modular meaning that the different floors come apart, and are not attached ‘properly.’ Its rather an ingenious idea. Also these series focus on more intricate designs, and do brilliant things with the pieces of Lego.

Am I selling it to you? Perhaps not, but not to worry, I didn’t go into Sales, precisely because I can’t sell.  My day job is secure.

I bought it from lego.com mainly because of the VIP membership. So for every 100 pounds, you get 5 pounds off. Now this isn’t much at all, don’t worry I understand that, but its better than everywhere else. The other place that sold this set was Toys R Us, and their rewards system was rubbish, so I decided against it. And there was one more called bricklink.com which is a specialist Lego retailer (I will explain more later) but I wasn’t sure, and for my first purchase I wanted to buy it from somewhere where I didn’t have any doubts. So Lego.com it was.

I will give you my full take on the Pet Shop, and pictures of the Pet Shop being built (I don’t know if that interests you at all, but nevertheless, I took pictures, so you have to look at them, well… you don’t really, you can just scroll, and read the writing, or just look at the pictures, its up to you really). (I think I have lost sight of what the brackets are for).


New Year Musings

This morning was difficult. Difficult to get out of bed. Although I wasn’t really off in the Christmas period, just knowing that the nextbank holiday would be in Easter. That’s 4 months away.

But let’s be real, I have job, so I truly have something to be gratefulfor. Its in my field, for an awesome company, what more do I want…Much more, but lets not focus on the material, because by nature we all want more in life, not matter what we have or own, we always want something better. 

New Years Resolutions

Its easy to make resolutions just because it is the new year. Its only natural, there is a certain sense of change that goes on as the new year comes about.

But let’s try and aim for something concrete, for ourselves and society as a whole. And the way to do this (in my humble opinion) is to your bit to change the world. I say this and tweet this often, that we all gave the potential change the worlds with our unique trait. Make sure your resolution ensures that you are getting rid of a negative habit and enhances a positive one.

This last part is for all believers in God. I’m not religious-ist, but unless you believe in the concept of a saviour, you won’t really enjoy reading the last part (this of course assuming you enjoyed the first part).

Let this year, the year 2014, that the saviour of our time reappears. How epic would that be, that this year, within the next 365 days, the Awaited Saviour will appear.

Merry New Year


Before anyone gets any ideas or offended, I do not associate Doctor Who with the Saviour. I just really like Doctor Who and this poster.

Team iPhone

For those of you who are Team iPhone, or that way inclined, and live in the UK, carphone warehouse are doing a brilliant deal for the 5s for £32 a month with an upfront cost of £99. That’s not a bad deal at all. However, this deal runs out tonight at midnight, so if you want it, you have to make the decision asap.